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Sealed for Eternity

Variegated Solomon's seal (2)This plant is a Solomon’s seal. We saw them growing in Cheekwood and Memphis Botanic Gardens in the Bible garden section. Despite the plant’s name, I don’t think it grew in Israel in Solomon’s time. In southwestern Virginia, Solomon’s seal is a perennial that dies down in the winter and comes back in the spring. It likes shade.

The Bible tells us that Christians are sealed with the Holy Spirit as a promise that we will be with God in eternity. I love the thought that the Holy Spirit seals me to God.

Thank goodness that once the Holy Spirit gets hold of us, he doesn’t let us go. I have a tendency to go off on tangents, here and there in my thoughts and actions. Gently, he brings me back to himself.

This morning in church, we sang: “Your love never fails, It never gives up, It never runs out on me.”

Reflection: Are you sealed by the Holy Spirit to God for eternity? If not, what are you going to be doing in eternity?

Copyright: Carolyn A. Roth, 1/14


Variegated Solomon’s Seal

Mentha longifolia

Mentha longifolia

The 2013 plant of the year is the variegated Solomon’s seal, a plant that is shade tolerant. Good for growing under trees. It has beautiful white flowers that are reminiscent of lily of the Valley. Despite having the name of Solomon, the plant did not grow in the Holy Lands. Although I have heard that Solomon’s Seal is deer resistant, several of my plants have been eaten by them.