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Are you a Sage?

1-DSC05797This blooming sage grows in St. John Lutheran Church Bible Garden.

Sage means a thorough reflection proceeding from wisdom, prudence, and judgment.

In ancient societies, some men and women were identified as  sages; however, rarely is the word used now. Is that because no one pauses long enough to thoroughly reflect on a topic? Are we so busy doing (whatever) that we respond with our emotions and intuitions rather than with prudent thought?

How do you formulate responses to events in your life? Where does sage-ness — the process of thinking wisely and prudently — come in?

Copyright: Carolyn A. Roth, 12/13

Jerusalem Sage Won’t Grow

For two years, I have been trying to grow Jerusalem sage – first in my home garden and then in our Church Bible Garden. Yes, I brought the seeds back from Israel and yes I declared them on the Custom Report.

After several seed plantings, the sage came up last year and re-appeared this spring; however, the plants were only about 3-4 inches tall. After about 4-5 weeks, the leaves looked terrible with spots and wilt. I both watered the plants and sprayed them with a multipurpose bug, fungi, etc. spray.

I even took  home plants to our Church Bible Garden to see if maybe they would do better in a different environment. No improvement in the growth pattern or appearance in the Church!

My conclusion is that Jerusalem sage does not grow well in the Roanoke Valley. I am going to use a different type of sage in the church Bible Garden.  However, I do have some seeds left so if you have any advice, I am eager to hear it.

If you have planted Jerusalem sage with a different result, let me know. We are in plant zone 7A.