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Jerusalem Sage Won’t Grow

For two years, I have been trying to grow Jerusalem sage – first in my home garden and then in our Church Bible Garden. Yes, I brought the seeds back from Israel and yes I declared them on the Custom Report.

After several seed plantings, the sage came up last year and re-appeared this spring; however, the plants were only about 3-4 inches tall. After about 4-5 weeks, the leaves looked terrible with spots and wilt. I both watered the plants and sprayed them with a multipurpose bug, fungi, etc. spray.

I even took  home plants to our Church Bible Garden to see if maybe they would do better in a different environment. No improvement in the growth pattern or appearance in the Church!

My conclusion is that Jerusalem sage does not grow well in the Roanoke Valley. I am going to use a different type of sage in the church Bible Garden.  However, I do have some seeds left so if you have any advice, I am eager to hear it.

If you have planted Jerusalem sage with a different result, let me know. We are in plant zone 7A.