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Sealed for Eternity

Variegated Solomon's seal (2)This plant is a Solomon’s seal. We saw them growing in Cheekwood and Memphis Botanic Gardens in the Bible garden section. Despite the plant’s name, I don’t think it grew in Israel in Solomon’s time. In southwestern Virginia, Solomon’s seal is a perennial that dies down in the winter and comes back in the spring. It likes shade.

The Bible tells us that Christians are sealed with the Holy Spirit as a promise that we will be with God in eternity. I love the thought that the Holy Spirit seals me to God.

Thank goodness that once the Holy Spirit gets hold of us, he doesn’t let us go. I have a tendency to go off on tangents, here and there in my thoughts and actions. Gently, he brings me back to himself.

This morning in church, we sang: “Your love never fails, It never gives up, It never runs out on me.”

Reflection: Are you sealed by the Holy Spirit to God for eternity? If not, what are you going to be doing in eternity?

Copyright: Carolyn A. Roth, 1/14