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Hand Me Downs


Initially I was just going to post this cartoon by Dave Coverly. I felt sorry for Cain having to wear only a fig leaf apron. Then I got to thinking about “hand me downs.” Most of us — at least in my generation — wore hand me downs from siblings, cousins, or friends. Looking backward, that doesn’t seem optimal because it meant we were too poor to buy clothes. That was definitely true for my family — we were major poor.

But, now the idea of “hand me downs” doesn’t see all that bad. I love hand me downs in that I love the traditions that came from the apostles. Those traditions which were handed down in the New Testament church are for real. No wrapping an idea up in 21st century political correctness but the reality of Christ’s birth, crucifixion, and resurrection.

Reflection: Let’s give a shout out to the church traditions handed down from the apostles.

Copyright: January 10, 2017; Carolyn A. Roth

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Fig leaf Cartoon

Fig Leaf Cartoon (2)Notice the coverings on Adam and Eve.  The cartoonist seemed to know a little about the shape of a fig leaf.

In the real story, Adam didn’t even get snake-skin boots out of his disobedience.

I wonder what challenges — even problems — that occurred in my life as the result of disobeying God?