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Supping at God’s Table

Cypress, Jezreel ValleyThis topic was written by Israeli botanists Dr. Elaine Solowey at Kibbutz Ketura in the southern Negev Desert:

“Good food cannot be made like plastic sandals. The entire point of farming is to produce good food to support human life on earth, — a basic truth eclipsed by a skewed system of values that puts a great deal of value on what can be measured by the pound and sold, but little on less tangible things like community, happiness or health.

Good agriculture can only be done by tapping into the bounty of the natural world in an organized intelligent manner that does not destroy the resource base upon which we depend.

We must tap into the crop potential of the entire planet and do it in a way that recognizes the beauty, complexity and fragility of our world.”

The picture is a wheat field in the Jezreel Valley in central Israel.  Notice it contains beautiful cypress trees as well as wheat.