Parables Illustrated by Plants

God as a Gardener, Exploring Parables Illustrated by Plants


There may be as many as 35-40 Old Testament and New Testament parables illustrated by plants. This book contains 24 of them – 12 from the Old Testament and 12 from the New Testament. In Bible times, Jesus, prophets, kings, and even an orphaned son used plants to illustrate spiritual truths in parables. Today, many westernized individuals don’t know about many plants, that is, what they look like, how they grow, and their uses.

The purpose of this book is to explain how plants were the optimal illustration for Bible parables. It is set up as a Bible study.

In the book, plants are beautifully illustrated by Maria Lin. Maria completed a painting of at least one plant for each of the 24 parables.

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Maria Lin & Carolyn Roth