Rooted in God 2

Rooted in God 2 Interpreting Bible Plants for 21st century life.    


We eat them, we smell them, we sit under them. Sometimes we even investigate them to discover their hidden meaning in Holy Writ. That’s what local author Carolyn A. Roth did when she wrote Rooted in God 2.

“For years I didn’t understand why Jacob’s wives argued over which got to keep a mandrake plant. Not until I learned that ancient people believed that mandrakes caused fertility did I make any sense of this Bible story.”

Did you know that the Bible identifies over 125 different plants? Further, scores of Bible parables were illustrated by plants. Each plant had a special meaning—superstition, compassion, drunkenness, fertility—to early peoples. Roth contents that Rooted in God 2 is a vehicle for individuals to delve deeper into the Bible. Instead of just skipping over any reference to plants, book readers drill down to the plant’s meaning as early man planted and tended it.

Most plants described in Roth’s book include a colored photograph of the plant. Each of the fourteen chapters ends with questions and reflections so the book can be used for a Bible study. Rooted in God 2 is a Bible study which will unfold an entirely new view of man and plants.

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