Thanksgiving Confession

God of all bounty, you have lavished us with good things richly and freely to enjoy. Yet, we have failed to honor you as the source of all these blessings. We speak and act as though our blessings were rooted in our own wise efforts. In mercy, forgive our shameful pride and ingratitude. Fill us with the Spirit of thanksgiving that all we do and say would demonstrate our full and glad acknowledgement that our abundance comes fully from you. Quicken us to give to others freely and gladly, even as you have given to us so plentifully, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

From First Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Roanoke, VA. November 2020

One response to “Thanksgiving Confession

  1. As I was reading about King Solomon’s rebuilding of God’s temple,
    (1 Kings 10:11), I came a cross the word “almugwood.” Curious to know what it was, I researched it and found your blog. What a beautiful tree this must be.
    I enjoyed reading your in depth information about God’s creation and its significance to God’s people, the church, the “Bride’s” heritage.
    Thank you and I look forward to reading and learning more about the meanings and purposes of the plants God has provided for us.

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