Need your Help


If you didn’t have a familiarity with plants, you would not be enrolled to receive my blog. I need a favor:  Would you please send me an email ( naming the top 10 plants that you believe influenced/swayed/impacted Christian thought?

Thank you in advance for considering this question and answering it.


2 responses to “Need your Help

  1. Here are 10 plants that I thought of without consulting Wikipedia……

    Grape vine, fig tree, pomegranate , palm, lily, cedar tree, mustard seed,
    grasses, apple tree, grain such as wheat and barley

  2. Angie Westmoreland

    Interesting question. These are the top 10 plants I think of when considering plants of the bible in prominent sections and parables.

    mustard socomore fig cedar of lebanon acacia tree hyssop rose of sharon almond tree gopher wood (cypress?) oak frankincense

    I know there are more….

    Angie Westmoreland


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