Robust and Harsh Tolerant

Beard's tongueThis attractive perennial is semi-evergreen and has digitalis plant-like white flowers. Flowers bloom April – June

Described as robust and harsh-tolerant, it grows in wide open prairies, fields, along wood margins, etc. It is native to Canada and the entire eastern U.S. seaboard. This one grew in the Hershey, PA garden.

Penstemon digitalis is commonly called Husker red and beard tongue. I understand the red designation, however, don’t know where the beard tongue came from.

After all that Jesus went through — long days of teaching, heat and sweat, challenges from the religious elite who were supposedly looking for his coming — He can be described as harsh-tolerant. Probably the individuals who know me best, would never term me “harsh tolerant.”  When adversity strikes, my default is to whine. Often, my behavior embarrasses even me.

Reflection: How do you respond to harshness, i.e., criticism, high humidity heat, lack of safety and security? Compare and contrast your behavior with Christ’s behavior.

5 responses to “Robust and Harsh Tolerant

  1. I have been pondering this idea lately: how do I respond to criticism or negative comments or something I perceive as an attack? I get defensive. Jesus was accused of many lies and He always acted with such grace and wisdom and dignity. To be more accepting and filled with wisdom during such times is my prayer.

    • Andi, It is indeed difficult to know how to respond to criticism/attacks. We automatically want to defend ourselves. I’ve used two different ways to diffuse the situation: 1) say nothing on the topic of the attack; change the subject to something positive; ask the person a question off of their attack subject. 2) thank the person for pointing out your character defect then redirect the subject. You can even say that you will pray about their imput.
      Of course, you need to decide if you want to continue interacting with negative folks. We need to remember that God is not yet done with our character formation. Blessings as you move forward.

  2. Stephanie Bell

    Thank you! I really appreciate these reflection questions this month. Peace, Stephanie Bell

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  3. Harsgness, I talk back. Now I whine when on hot dusty weathet. Never thought of comparing myself to Christ. I realize we are to be Christlike. I fell to be so. Carolyn, I have never heard you whine. Lovely plant, don’t see the beard.

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