Rooted in God 2

Rooted in God 2 is a significant revision of my first book Rooted in God. Because my original publisher closed, I had to revise and republish the book (bah humbug). Rooted in God 2 is a Bible study but it is different from the Bible studies church members often engage in. This study is indeed rooted in God. Its focus is mankind’s interactions with plants and the symbolism of those plants in Holy Scripture. There are study questions at the end of the 15 chapters.

You can purchase Rooted in God 2 at a substantially reduced price on my website: If you want to buy in bulk, contact me ( I can reduce the cost of shipping for multiple books.

Blessings, Carolyn




2 responses to “Rooted in God 2

  1. Carolyn, You are such an inspiration to me. It was presented to me about a year ago to refresh our poorly tended church grounds. I designed a Bible garden. I took out a rotting tree and replaced it with an acacia because as the Bible says we are to be like the acacia tree – indestructible! I combed through your books I have planted herbs and flowers and shrubs. It was so successful and so many people got so excited about it that I joined forces with two other ladies in our church and created a ministry called “Gods Gardeners”. We did many things that cleaned up and beautified certain areas. The three of us pursued what it would be like to engage people in the church in our endeavors on and on going basis. We applied for and got a grant. We got a generous donation from a church member. We engaged about 30 church members to beautify and expand it. And has God ever expanded our tent! I came up with an idea of a Labyrinth Prayer Garden and a Children’s Butterfly Labyrinth Garden. We worked diligently all through the spring. The children’s butterfly labyrinth was dedicated, with a butterfly release, at the Easter egg hunt and we had the biggest crowd we have ever had almost 300 people, the usual was about 75. The Prayer Labyrinth was finished just in time for a magnificent sunrise Easter service. We have glorified God with beautiful gardens. We have planted more than 50 trees and shrubs, dozens of flowers, grapevines to go over the entry Arbor, nighttime lighting and more. > As a side note… > The Acacia tree looks so devastated outside. I was a little disappointed because the Bible calls us to be like the Acacia tree INDESTRUCTIBLE! > But somehow I killed it. Feeling kind of inept. > But… I forgot that God is God and I am not. > At the base of that rugged, and rough around the edges, Acacia are a myriad of sprouts of fresh growth. It looks like our church. People keep asking me if I have noticed that the tree is dead. I tell them I am going to change it at the best time. > But … what looked dead is blooming. > God is changing it at the best time. > He asked me to tend the garden. Too much water. I repaired it. Wrong plants we changed them. He wanted that Acacia there. Take out the dying oak that was rotting from the inside, we did it. > Now, what looked dead is indestructible because it is in God’s care with His servants tending it. > Whether a tree or, a church or a heart – they are God’s and He put them here for us to tend and nurture. > Very exciting. Very, very exciting. > I am so inspired that we are rooted in God. You are such an encouraging and inspiring gardener. I just want to thank you so much for your heart and spirit and the gifts that you share so freely and beautifully – thank you. Blessings, Nicci Walker My Master’s Gardener … God’s Gardener

    I am trying to be really, really good, so when I get to heaven I can ask God a few questions. 1) Why do rabbits eat my flowers but not my weeds. > > >


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