Wandering Wisteria


I love wisteria. I first saw them when we moved to Charleston, SC. In the country area, the vine would grow up the trees. In spring, the beautiful lavender flower would hang down from the vine. Seeing them made my heart celebrate the beauty of God’s creation. This year I bought a garland of fake wisteria and have it wrapped around the candles on my hearth.

In Southwest Virginia, we are in a mountain valley. You can see wisteria plants about April and May growing along country roads. Wisteria wanders up a tree, out on limbs and sometimes even across the road on electrical wire. I always think of them as “wandering wisteria.”

In the Trilogy of the Rings, Tolkein wrote that, “all those who wander are not lost.”  That may be true; certainly in Tolkein’s book, Aragon wandered but was not lost. When the Israelites  wandered 40 years on the Sinai Peninsula, they were not physically lost. They were, however, lost psychologically, because they neither had confidence in themselves or in their God. Only after the slave generation that lived in Egypt died, was God able to use the new generation of Israelites to conquer the Promised Land.

Right now I am wandering  — roaming around not doing much productive — in my relationship with God. I’m busy, but not content. But, God created and planned for me to do work here on earth (Ephesians 2:10), so somehow I need to get my life gear out of park (idle) and begin to move forward again.

Reflection: Are you wandering aimlessly? Read Ephesians 2:10 and think about what God wants you to do.

Copyright March 17, 2015, Carolyn A. Roth; all rights reserved.






5 responses to “Wandering Wisteria

  1. Grow where your planted . IT seems like we have to walk thru these times by faith sometime and most likely people are watching us walk in those just ordinary days . I am so glad to find this site I prayed for a bible study of plants and there you are . Maybe as you teach us we can teach others so you are busy even when you think your not .

  2. I think we’re all a lot like the Israelites were on so many occasions. We tend to wander aimlessly away from God, especially during good times. But then He gives us a reason to stop wandering and move into a closer relationship with Him, which we do for a while, only to begin wandering again. The Israelites did this on so many occasions that its hard to keep track! And many people eventually wander entirely away, never to return to God. I think it takes commitment on our part to look for, claim and do the work that God created us for. God is committed to us, His creation. We need to be just as committed to Him.

    We have a wisteria in our yard but it hasn’t grown large enough to begin wandering. When it does begin to do so, it may have to be pruned a bit to keep it in check. Maybe that’s what God does to us when we begin wandering — he prunes us back a little to keep us, and our lives, a little more compact, so that we can see where we’re going and what we’re doing.

    Thanks for sharing your insight!

  3. I really appreciate this, Carolyn, especially the point at the end about the fact that God created and planned your role in His work in the world. I hope I can encourage you to rest in the fact that in His wisdom, God doesn’t waste any of His people or any of their time. You might be thinking you’re not being very productive right now, but as a gardener you surely know how crucial are the dormant months to a plant’s health and fruitfulness. They may not seem to be accomplishing much then, or even, for that matter, in the whole time before their fruit ripens, but in reality, none of that time is wasted. What an amazing Father God we have!

  4. Isn’t it marvelous that He calls to us when we wander! Ages ago (it seems), we played with the neighborhood kids until dinner time- and sometimes after. Then each mom or dad would call us home, where we belonged. And even though I’m not always enthusiastic, at the time, about “running home”, I am profoundly grateful He keeps calling. Thank you for writing.

  5. Wisteria may just be my favorite flower. One of my earliest childhood memories is of the backyard trellis covered in springtime blooms. I am sad it’s blooming season is so short. As for the wandering– I’m pretty good at it. Life following God is a grand adventure and with Him you will never be lost. Thank you for posting.

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