My beautiful niece (Andrea Adams) took this photograph of sunflowers in the evening. To my knowledge sunflowers don’t grow in Israel, I least I never saw them there. Doesn’t really matter; what is important is that God made this flower for us to marvel at its beauty. Have you ever wondered as you look at the beauty of creation, how individuals can disbelieve in God?

In the context of this beautiful photograph, I want to share something that makes me very sad: For years I was a college professor. One place where I taught for 10 years was filled with intelligent, articulate women. Yet, so many of them didn’t believe in God; some were actively hostile toward Him. Currently, I follow their lives and thoughts on Facebook. There is a popular Christian song that asks, “what if you are wrong?”

Reflection: When Christ comes again, he will separate sheep from goats, those who believe in him from those who do not. We are all going to live forever; the question is where?

Copyright September 8, 2016; Carolyn A. Roth


3 responses to “Sunflowers

  1. An American native, now found worldwide due to its utility and beauty.

  2. Just saw a photo of sunflowers in Eretz magazine. It was taken at Kibbutz Harduf which sits on the hils between Jezreel Valley and the Lower Galilee. The article doesn’t say anything about them, though.

  3. Sunflowers have made a big slash of the Northern Galilee region. Not likely a “Bible plant’. Even Moldenke does not mention sunflowers and he was very liberal in inclusion of possible,probable, and even slim chance flora of the Bible.
    Check this link.

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