Silence in a Garden


8 responses to “Silence in a Garden

  1. Thank you for each timely message. The peace and appreciation I have when I take time out in my garden, it always gives me such comfort. You have an amazingly way of bringing God’s creative touch into the hearts!

  2. Thank you, the little things we neglect to see in God’s creation seem to be the greatest of all, nature always has given me peace, joy and much comfort! Blessings for your amazing call to minister on behalf of God’s creation❤️

  3. Thank you for this! I heard that you have another book coming out; we’d like to host you for a book talk either November or December. (Or even after the first of the year!)


    • Miss Sue, I was at your church last week talking to the JOY group. Heard you name as a birthday. Congratulations late. As always, I would love to come to Rocky Mount.

  4. I understand exactly, deep inside I need silence, peace, fresh air, and my garden…

  5. Beautiful writing – most moving and deep.

  6. When I need some silence I go outside and pull weeds. No one joins me there!!

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