Not a Bible plants but interesting. Who knew.


For all the enticing perfumes the genus Lonicera offers, and yet most species withholding their fruits as tiny and poisonous, it seems like the species that gives its energy to larger, non-poisonous fruit, taking away from the scented flowers would be amazing. That species is honeyberry.

Lonicera edulis/ villosa var. carulea, or blue fruited honeysuckle, is a small bush from three to six foot tall from boreal forests of Asia and Russia. Growing in such cold regions, its hardy to usda zone 2. Only issue can be getting two similar pollinating varieties. There are in general only two major categories -early and late blooming. Not too complicated.

I have several varieties in my food forest. The oldest, and best fruiting so far, ‘Tundra’ and ‘Berry Blue,’ I like a lot. The ones in good positions already give a decent handful of fruit every year, and started producing the spring after…

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