Type of cassia

This plant is not found in the Bible per se but is similar to the cassia plant used in the Tabernacle

PCD3527_IMG0071 One of the few hardy Cassia/Senna’s, Senna hebecarpa. Photo credit: George H. Bruso found on Ladybird Johnson institute

The method of finding hardy nitrogen fixers I used to comprise my list is pretty simple: choose a genus of nitrogen fixers (I say genus because there are some weirdos that can’t be found from the higher orders and phylum) and look through the whole genus. Often, there will be some member that is hardy in your area.

I consider one of the greatest prizes I found this way to be Senna/Cassia hebecarpa.

Cassia is a genus almost exclusively tropical, and mostly trees, which are gorgeous.

3704761723380copyImage Cassia alota, commonly called “Candlstick Cassia” for its looks. Can’t grow it. Click for source.

Like a lot of the non-hardy N fixers cassia are woody yet legumes and utilize Rhizobium to fix their usually medium level nitrogen.

S. hebecarpa, on the other hand, is herbaceous, and…

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2 responses to “Type of cassia

  1. I had to go back to your post on Cassia to remember exactly what cassia the bible mentions. On further searching, it seems the exact classification is pretty garbled up in botanical exactitudes. I have a lot of respect for the work you do in figuring out which plants were the ones mentioned in the bible because it can be difficult to get a clear picture!

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