Serving Him Now

Snap dragons

The snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus) is one of the most striking flowers that blossoms in Southwestern Virginia. Often it is found growing along the side of the road as a wild flower. Because the flower is so delicate, sometimes it seems to have no staying power in a bouquet. Having staying power as a Christian is not easy. Christian staying power means doing the right thing, even thinking the right thoughts, day after day. It means we are consistent in our walk with God.

Do you ever wonder about your staying power?  How long have you been a Christian? Are you the type of Christian that Christ described in his parable of the sower?  When you heard the Word of God,  you accepted it gladly, only to be buffeted by the cares of the world; then you outright rejected God or slowly fell away from your new Christian belief? Did the seed in you, germinate immediately only to be choked by weeds in the world, e.g., in your home, job, school, etc.?

I’ve been a Christian for decades; but if someone were to graft my Christian walk you would see that I’ve had ups and (plenty of) downs; but, I believe I am making headway as a Christian woman. This week I put on my Facebook page these words by a popular singing group:

” Someday every tongue will confess He is God, Someday every knee will bow. But the greatest treasure remains for those who gladly serve Him now.”

Reflection: I may have days when I am delicate like a snapdragon; however, I am so happy that I serve God now — right now — today.

I love Bible plants along with their symbolism. If you want to learn more about them, read my two books: 1) Rooted in God and 2) God as a Gardener. You can purchase them from my website: Carolyn Roth Ministry at

Copyright: August 2, 2015; Carolyn A. Roth




3 responses to “Serving Him Now

  1. As always, a powerful visual that stays with and helps me. Thank you for staying the course.

  2. I just love your post Carolyn , and can identify completely with what you say…. I need my relationship with God to be day by day to continue in strength and perseverance , helping me to be a support and encouragement to those who as yet do not know Him .

    God Bless Kathy 🙂

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  3. All I can say is Amen! V

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