Advent Amaryllis


The Amaryllis has become a popular Christmas flower; however, mine never blooms until January.

It is showy and brilliant and puts plants with only green foliage to shame; but they should never be ashamed.  Plants with only, or mostly, green foliage have great value. It is the green-foliage in plants that gives oxygen into the atmosphere and adds appreciable to the pleasing environment of our homes.

BTW: If you are growing amaryllis, be sure not to let the water level go above the top of the root bulb. I’m sure  there is a lesson in Christian living in that. If you have an idea what it is, please write a comment.

As we walk for Christ in 21st century, most of us aren’t showy or even brilliant; we tend to be more quiet and  simple  as we live each day. That doesn’t make us less valuable, it just makes us what we are: a Christian who does his or her part daily for Christ. We raise children in a Christian home, we are a witness in the workplace, we let a driver into the traffic lane in front of us.

Reflection: Perhaps it is more important to walk day-by-day, year-after-year for Christ than  have a brilliant flare.

I love Bible plants along with their symbolism. If you want to learn more about them, read my two books: 1) Rooted in God and 2) God as a Gardener. You can purchase them from my website: Carolyn Roth Ministry at

Copyright: Carolyn A. Roth, 2/14



3 responses to “Advent Amaryllis

  1. Great devotional. “. . . be sure not to let the water level go above the top of the root bulb.” To me this means “don’t get in over your head”. Too many times we take on more responsibilities than we should, or some that we shouldn’t, and we end up so busy that God gets pushed to the side. We need to learn to keep our head above water so that we can not only see what’s going on around us, but so that we can also see where God is leading us.

  2. “Do not let the water level rise above the root of the bulb,” This is what stands out for me: In my almost 27 year journey with the Lord, I always knew that I was somehow being processed by the things that were happening to me in my daily life, and especially, those things that I have gone through that were very difficult, dark and full of adversity. In it all and through it all, I thought I was being prepared for some great work that God had prepared beforehand that I should “do”… all of that is true, but I have finally come to an understanding that there is more to this process than just being prepared to “do,” What I have learned is that the process is more about “becoming” than it is about learning how to “do.” We can busy ourselves with “doing” through, ministry, public service, hours and hours of academic study, all-the-while, God just wants us to learn to “be.” Being, allows God to fashion Christ’s character into us through all the we experience. It requires that we lay still in His hand and allow Him to shape and mold us as we strive to rest in His hand through those dark moments. The need to “do” will always compete with His command to “enter into His rest” and just “be”… It takes total trust to rest in Him and allow Him to “do.”
    So for me… Over-watering this beautiful plant is a symbol of not trusting that it’s Creator will ensure that it will thrive with what little water the plant requires… we always tend to think that God needs our help and “over-water” things in our lives to feel that we had some part in it’s growth or success… and more times than not, we will look back and see that we were the cause of the imbalance that entered in and brought about a different result than we had hoped for. And still, we blame God… Yet it is written that ‘God is not mocked, what a man sows, that will he indeed reap!” If only we learned how to trust Him and stay out of His way! If only we would slow down enough to both hear and heed the most gracious invitation of the One who simply said: I AM. Then, we would truly being to walk with Him in a different and most effective way, the striving would cease and we would know who we ARE not based on what we “do” but on what has been done for us by way of His Son…. Just a thought on what I have learned!

  3. Lovely and great devotional. Do not let the water level go above the top of the root bulb ………I am immediately reminded not to let pride swallow me up and drown me…….as we are so often trapped into being.

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