Life is a Garden

My 97 year old friend in assisted living shared this poem with me today:

Life is a Garden

Life is a garden, good friends are the flowers; and time spent together life’s happiest hours.

Friendship, like flowers, blooms ever more fair when carefully tended by dear friends who care.

And life’s lovely garden would be sweeter by far if all who pass through it were as nice as you are!

Source: Anonymous

2 responses to “Life is a Garden

  1. What a sweet treasure.  I want to just let you know I have you both in my thought and prayers.  I cannot believe how time keeps moving. I don’t seem to keep up with it. I am still handing out your book. And visualizing my new beginning garden. It will have alot of hard work. A lasting work.  Maybe if I ask to see the garden in the Spring I will see full growth or is the garden aways in some state of blooming? Healing prayers for you both, Dana Coates. 

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