Weeping Hemlock

Weeping HemlockIn the Hershey Garden this summer we saw several specimens of weeping hemlock (Tsuga candensis “Pendula”). The name caught my eye because from a Bible perspective, we associate “hemlock” with a poison. Using that perspective, the name for this tree is the “weeping poison.”

The weeping hemlock is a north American conifer with needles that are green all year long. It can grow as tall as 10-12 feet, but, ofter tree stewards keep it pruned to 2-3 feet so the tree appears as a mound of weeping foliage. The weeping hemlock can spread horizontally 8-10 feet. It grows in part shade to full sun and prefers cool, moist conditions. The weeping hemlock is intolerant of drought.

In the Old Testament, drought was frequently associated with lack of rain falling on the land because of sins of the Israelites. Today, we don’t associate drought, or lack of rain, with sin. Americans are much to sophisticated to think that God sends and with-holds rain in response to our sin. But, God is unchangeable; He said so in the Bible. So maybe drought is a response to sin.

I have times of drought in my life. They occur when I don’t spend time with God. In those times, I am not refreshed with the dew of God’s mercy. I stop blooming. I have nothing or little positive to give others.

Tsuga canadensis PendulaReflection: Why in the world do I and why in the world do you at times neglect to spend time with God? Our young associate pastor last Sunday said that we become like individuals we spend time with. It really is simple: I want to be like God, so I need to spend time with him.

I love Bible plants along with their symbolism. If you want to learn more about them, read my two books: 1) Rooted in God and 2) God as a Gardener. You can purchase them from my website: Carolyn Roth Ministry at http://www.CarolynRothMinistry.com/

Copyright August 3, 2014; Carolyn A. Roth


5 responses to “Weeping Hemlock

  1. Thanks for the word
    God bless you more

  2. Thank you for this meaningful post and pictures. I live in California, and we ARE going through a severe drought, both in the physical realm, but maybe even more in the spiritual realm. I, too, feel convicted that I am NOT spending enough time with the Lord; so your note has confirmed to me that I better put God first in my life again, so that I can continue to tap into the “living waters”! Thank you.

  3. Melanie Basham

    I like these thoughts Carolyn. I too, find that when I don’t spend quality time with God in the mornings a lot of daily happenings irritate me and I don’t respond in the manner I should. Therefore early morning reading God’s word and conversing (praying) with Him my day is a much smoother trip.

  4. Tammy L. Woods

    I am guilty of not taking out the proper time to spend with God, but this morning I decided that the “drought” is over, I have to start back doing my Torah Portion with Him. Thanks so much for confirmation and the rebuke all together. This is a fresh of breath air for me.

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