Harsh-Tolerant Plant

Beard's tongueThis attractive perennial is semi-evergreen and has digitalis plant-like white flowers. Flowers bloom April – June

Described as robust and harsh-tolerant, it grows in wide open prairies, fields, along wood margins, etc. It is native to Canada and the entire eastern U.S. seaboard. This one grew in the Hershey, PA garden.

Penstemon digitalis is commonly called Husker red and beard tongue. I understand the red designation, however, don’t know where the beard tongue came from.

After all that Jesus went through — long days of teaching, heat and sweat, challenges from the religious elite who were supposedly looking for his coming — He can be described as harsh-tolerant. Probably the individuals who know me best, would never term me “harsh tolerant.”  When adversity strikes, my default is to whine. Often, my behavior embarrasses even me.

Reflection: How do you respond to harshness, i.e., riticism, high humidity heat, lack of safety and security? Compare and contrast your behavior with Christ’s behavior.

Copyright June 21, 2014. Carolyn A. Roth



4 responses to “Harsh-Tolerant Plant

  1. What a wonderful way to look at a garden. His Holy Spirit teaches me so much in His creations. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Good post and reminder to model Christ: “Compare and contrast your behavior with Christ’s behavior.”

  3. Melanie Basham

    First I whine then become defensive then think God’s got this give it to Him! He will let me know how to react!

  4. Great post Carolyn. The analogy was great. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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