Guiding the Young

When we lived up North in Pennsylvania and New York, winters were long. On television I watched the beautiful pictures of palm trees swaying on the beaches. Blue Skies and green blue ocean water made me dream of the days that I could live in Florida near eight of my grandchildren. 

Carol S. Snyder, Guest Blogger

Carol S. Snyder, Guest Blogger

Now, I am sitting here looking up at the palm trees around my house in southern Florida. The grandchildren make huts out of the palm fronds. We go to the market and get the man behind the counter to cut the top off the coconuts that fall from palm trees. We put a straw into the hole and drink luscious water! Then, he cuts the outside shell off the coconut and inside is another hard shell covering the real coconut. The water and the coconut fruit are always deep inside.

The Florida palm tree is a tall upright tree with green fronds growing at the top. It grows 40 – 80 feet tall. A palm tree can bear fruit for 100 years; the best fruit grows when the tree is old. It produces 100 pounds of fruit a year!

Florida coconut palm tree, fronds, coconut

Florida coconut palm tree, fronds, coconut

 In Bible times the stone inside the coconut was ground up for the camels to eat. The leaves of the palm tree were weaved into baskets, mats and bags. The trunk of the tree was used for fences and cages.

Let the palm tree teach us a lesson.  As we get older, we should get stronger in our witness for the Lord!  We experienced many burdens throughout our lives. We can show and guide younger generations how to trust the Lord to help them through difficult times in life: Stand straight, grow tall, and bear much fruit for God.

 Copyright February 27, 2014; Carol Snyder.


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