Grateful Chrysanthemums

Fall mumsEarly autumn I planted about 10 small pots of mums. They come in white, yellow, red, orange and purple. The key to having fall mums is to remove the buds on July 4 so that by October they have produced new buds and blooms. My neighbor taught me that soon after I moved here to Roanoke from the southwest desert.

Chrysanthemums are an important source of medicines and insecticides; however, when I look at them I think about gratitude and how grateful I am for all the good things God has given me.

Make a list of what you are grateful for:  e.g.

  • your spouse is a Christian, your family and friends are Christians. You don’t have to agonize over whether they will be with you in heaven or not.
  • you live in a free nation where you can go to church, read your Bible.
  • you have a warm house, a soft bed and sufficient food.
  • you have eyes to see beautiful trees and flowers.
  • you have a job

Is there any way that you can share any item on your list with someone less blessed? That would be a way to show God how grateful you are to Him for blessing you so abundantly.

Copyright: Carolyn A. Roth, 2/14

2 responses to “Grateful Chrysanthemums

  1. I agree, we are really so blessed

  2. I am grateful for the gifts and talents bestowed upon our lives to be used for His glory.

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