Climbing Clematis

ClematisThis beautiful clematis is a perennial that regrows and blooms every summer on my neighbor’s front fence.

Remember when Jonathan (King Saul’s son) and his armor bearer climbed up to a enemy outpost and killed numerous Philistine soldiers. Then, God caused an earthquake that resulted in panic among the entire Philistine army. The outcome was that King Saul came to the battlefield and the Philistine army was already routed.

Climb means to go upward with gradual and continuous progress just like Jonathan approached  the Philistine outpost. Hopefully, we never get tired of  climbing upward in our walk with God.  It’s okay if the ascent is gradual as long as it is continuous.

Reflection: Let’s be perennials like this clematis that climbs the fence every year rather than annuals that bloom only one year.

Copyright: Carolyn A. Roth, 2/14

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