Shy Evergreen Trees

Family Circus

Family Circus

Honestly, it never occurred to me that children would  think  evergreen trees were shy because they don’t  shed all  needles at one time. It is a joy to see through the eyes of  a child.

The top three dictionary definitions of shy are 1) easily frightened; 2) disposed to avoid a person or thing; and 3) hesitant in committing oneself.

I am positive that Christian’s shouldn’t  be shy in the sense of easily frightened. We have the God of the universe on our side! BTW, did you know that initially Timothy was  shy? His commitment to God allowed him to move beyond shyness.

Supposedly, shy individuals avoid some people or things. I avoid temptation and sin whenever I can. I’m not sure this is so much shyness as prudence.  I have a colleague who I avoid having lunch alone with. My reason is that she spends a lot of time complaining about her spouse. Perhaps I should be more assertive and say that I don’t want to hear those things about him; however, I haven’t done that so far. Instead I avoid her, but not because I’m shy. Probably, I could handle this situation more constructively and in a more Christian way.

Hesitant to commit myself:  At times I am ambivalent about committing myself to things, e.g., television. Several days ago a friend asked that I play computer bingo. That may be challenging; but, I’m not sure it is value-added long term. Other things I have no fear of committing myself to do, such as  time with my husband, writing, or gardening.

Reflection: Are you shy? Is your shyness a plus at times? Does it ever get in the way of doing what you want to do?

2 responses to “Shy Evergreen Trees

  1. Avoiding your colleague may be prudence but you could always be praising something your husband has done and she may start avoiding you.

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