Seasons of Life

By legend, Christ’s cross was made from the dogwood tree. At one time the tree grew tall and limbs were straight. After being used in Christ’s crucifixion, the tree become stunted and limbs crooked. Originally, the flower petal were all white. Over time, a brownish-red mark appeared near the ends of each flower petal. These marking represented Christ’s wounds on the cross.

Of course, that is a legend because the dogwood tree didn’t grow in Israel in 33 AD.  We don’t know the wood used to make the cross.


This  beautiful dogwood — with its brown leaves and berries — grows out front. The tree is now totally bare. Birds love to eat the fall berries and can strip a tree in a day’s time. In March, the tree will bud and then bloom again.

Have you noticed how the seasons of plants resemble us? We bud and produce beautiful flowers. Other times, we are  a luxuriant green and seem to be biding our time. Still other times, we produce beautiful berries to feed others. And very occasionally, we are bare and have little or nothing to offer others.

These seasons of our life are probably all okay with God because he knows we get tired and need to rest on this side of heaven. Be gentle with your self when you rest.

Copyright: Carolyn A. Roth, 1/14

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