Vibrant Walking

1-DSC05881It is the middle of December and in the mountains of Virginia, very few plants  bloom. For the past several years, I’ve planted ornamental cabbages in the fall. They are early winter hardy and give interest to a winter garden. As the cold weather increases, the  tops become a more vibrant purple.

As cold — stress, persecution, health problems — occurred in my life, my thoughts turn to (of all things!) a cabbage. Under cold weather, I can die off like my zinnia blossoms or even go into hibernation like my primrose. Or I can show a more vibrant color to the world.

Cognitively, I know which option I prefer — to become more vibrant. To evidence more love and more understanding, just as Christ did under the severest stress. The only way for me to be more vibrant — like the cabbage top — is to spend time with Christ every day in my devotions.

Reflection: What helps you be become or stay vibrant?

Copyright December 16, 2013; Carolyn A. Roth



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