Heart Change

1-Zinnia (1)In the mountains of Roanoke, zinnia is an annual flower. Often they bloom all summer. This year I planted normal-size zinnias, but last year they were labeled “giant zinnia.” Honestly, they grew five feet tall. The zinnia plant resembles me. Over the years my life and thoughts changed size and shape.

At one time, I believed in a woman’s right to choose abortion as a mechanism of birth control. I even attend pro-choice rallies. Then, I started reading my Bible seriously. David’s wrote that God knitted him together in his mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13). Hmmm, I could hardly ignore that verse.

My husband was pro-life and we started to attend a pro-life church. But, in my heart-of-hearts, I still believed women should have the right to control their own bodies. What was I supposed to do?

Perhaps you could say that I abdicated my responsibility on this subject; however, what I did was tell God what I felt versus what I believed Holy Scriptures taught. I asked God to reconcile myself to Him.

Without doing anything intentional what I felt in my heart changed. Now I am pro-life in my beliefs, feelings, thoughts, and words.

Reflection: Has God ever changed you?

Copyright: Carolyn A. Roth, 12/13

2 responses to “Heart Change

  1. Thank You for your story…There was a time I allowed abortion within the realm of my family…iT is something you never get over, whether it is you yourself..or you help someone who is in trouble…or whatever the scenario…I had to seek forgiveness for years..the first time I asked for forgiveness I realize now that God forgave me..but because of the guilt,I continued to asked for forgiveness for years and years..how could I be forgiven for something like that…Basically it is legal murder..but then I turned it over to God completely..and like you , it didn’t happened all at once but God helped me make peace with myself and also showed me I was forgiven a long time ago..nOt an excuse but when people are young they often make mistakes out of their own desperation..and because of their youth..when you get older and realize the weight of what you did it is terrible…but yes Jesus is the answer…and all are forgiven and loved..

    • Chatty, In our communal prayers at church every Sunday, we thank God for time for the “amendment of our lives.” I believe sanctification is a process; God gives us time to sanctify our thoughts and behavior.

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