Avoid planting Impatiens this year.

Bloggers,  At the Master Gardener meeting this morning we learned that gardeners probably should not buy impatiens this year, particularly Impatiens walleriana and Impatiens balsamina — these are sold as Fusion, Fiesta, Patchwood and Butterfly impatiens. They are prone to powdery mildew which can infect your soil and other plants. New Guiena impatiens for baskets are still okay.

2 responses to “Avoid planting Impatiens this year.

  1. Thanks for sharing this warning.

    I experienced this in my garden last year with volunteer plants. They lost their blooms one day, leaves the next and then even the stems disappeared. It was very strange and I thought some insect or chipmunk had taken a liking to them.

    This year I heard about it at the garden center (which is not selling them) and then did some reading which described exactly what I saw.

    I am looking for any volunteers this year and will weed them out. I understand it is not a good idea to compost them either.

    • Elaine, Whether with Bible plants we are growing or regular North American plants, it can be frustrating when we get bad specimens. You never want to compost a contaminated plant. Thanks for blogging. Carolyn

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